Course Information

Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat SARAN

Office#: L220 Phone: 233 13 41 E-mail: saran[AT]

Assistant: Kaan Çağhan ÖZAYDIN

Office#: L205 Phone: 233 13 86 E-mail: caghan[AT]

Course Description

The Internet and the World Wide Web. Overview of the .NET development platforms. Object-oriented concepts in C#. Databases and data access. Introduction to ASP.NET Core. Web services. Design considerations.

Course Objectives

To provide

  • the ability to select and apply a markup language (e.g. HTML5), a stylesheet language (e.g.CSS3), and a scripting language (e.g. JavaScript) for presentation of information in web pages.
  • the ability to create database-driven dynamic web applications using ASP.NET Core.

Topics Covered

  • General introduction, objectives of the course
  • Web design technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). 
  • Web Servers (Apache and IIS)
  • Database: SQL, MySQL, LINQ, .NET Entity Framework
  • Web App Development with ASP.NET in C#
  • Web Services in C#


Midterm Exam 20%
Lab works 20%
Term Project 25%
Quiz & Homeworks 10%
Final Exam 25%


Programming the World Wide Web, 8/E Robert W. Sebesta, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs ISBN-10: 0133775984 ©2015 • Addison-Wesley (Palme Kitapevi'nden temin edilebilir)